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How it Started & How it's Going

A detailed look at how Black Line Studios came to be & what we're working on now

Work Life-

First I would like to say welcome! Thank you for being here. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alexa Naylor. I am the owner and principal designer of Black Line Studios. I started my career in interior design after graduating with a Bachelor Degree from The Art Institute. From then on I have worked for several high end residential design firms like Roxbury Studios, and Glass House Collective. I have also spent some time in the world of lighting design and furniture design. (You can find some of my designs in stores like Target, World Market and Wayfair.) I can't tell you how excited I was when I got a Wayfair catalog and saw a dresser I designed!

Designing furniture was a fun adventure but the most rewarding work for me is creating spaces that people want to spend time in. Don't get me wrong I love a new build. Being involved in the process from start to finish is amazing. But what I really love a great remodel! To see a space fully transform into something beautiful and functional is truly where my passion lies.

I am currently working on a handful of remodels that are all in various states of completion. Hopefully soon a couple of them will get photographed and I can share some great transformations with you!

When I'm not working on clients homes, I am working on my own. #Oakhouse was built in 1959, and it is 100% my vibe. We were very lucky to find it! It sits on about an acre of land covered in scrub oak, maples, and native shade loving plants. The main level was a (not-so-great) DIY project from some of the previous owners, so we are little by little making things more functional and aesthetic. Lucky for us our basement is unfinished. Which is very strange for the age of our home. There are lot's of future plans for the basement, including a bar, a home office, and a theater.

We recently just replaced all of single-pane windows and are slowly working on adding wood window sills. (more on that to come) AND we just got our lower cabinetry put in for our coffee bar. (I am so excited excited to see that vision to come to life!)

We uncovered some hardwood floors in our hallway! Why would you put carpet over nice hardwood floors?! The hallway is on our working progress list. Another room on the list is Jacksons Big Boy room. He hasn't seen his room for a few months. I can't wait to get it all finished and finally let him in to see the transformation.

Home Life-

As much as a love design, I am first a mother and a wife. I have been married to my best friend for 10 years. He is my travel buddy, my sounding board and number one supporter. We are always working on something. Right now those things include: The massive yard, making sure we don't kill our garden, Jackson's big boy room, framing the basement, and finding new fun activities to do with our little dude.

Some of the best activities have been happening in our yard! It is the best for "hikes", finding rolly polly's, and picking cherries. (We've found about 25 cherry trees in our yard!) We have best helper! He loves pulling weeds, watering the garden, and tell us all about the different birds in his yard. Our pit bull, Luka, also has a great time laying in the sun and doing "zoomies" around the whole house.

Designs I'm loving:

I love a deep, dark moody space. I've been finding myself pulling a lot of inspiration from jewel tone rooms, layers of black and eclectic vibes.

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